Hello again beauties, i bet you didn’t expect to see me again so soon i’m here for a super quick blog/positive post. I am a plus size girl now i know in this world people can be so judgmental and so harsh and so small minded but the best way to be is to not […]



Hello beauties!♥♥♥♥♥ So this weeks blog is about a few things its about chilling out and getting better ,chocolate cravings more than usual hehe and the countdown to my first ever Disneyland trip which is now only 6 days away so grab your cuppa and keep reading. Lets start with my favorite thing and thats […]


A Tale From the Other Side…

Surprise, no Das today. Being ‘From the Other Side’ this is Das’ other half, Lewis. At her request she has asked me to write abit myself, so, where do I start. I’m sure you know it all by now, 10 nearly 11 months we have been together, early on we noticed we had a lot […]

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This week has been a whole wave of emotions… So this week began the 30 day countdown to my first ever trip to Disneyland pairs and i’m so excited words cant explain but its been a mixed bag of emotions a lot of down Disney in the middle of my Disney countdown days. I guess […]

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